27 Nov 2023
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Unlocking Inclusive Recruitment: Your Website’s Crucial Role – guest blog from Recite Me

Unlocking Inclusive Recruitment: Your Website’s Crucial Role

 In today’s fast-paced digital world, a company’s website serves as the virtual front door for potential candidates. It’s not only a source of information about your organisation but also a crucial component in the recruitment process.  

 Modern recruitment processes rely heavily on digital technology. Yet, researching a new career or applying for a new job online may not be an easy task for everyone. Many of the 16 million people in the UK who have a disability often encounter obstacles online when applying for jobs. 

Why Provide an Inclusive Recruitment Journey? 

Disabled people are almost twice as likely to be unemployed and only 1 in 3 disabled jobseekers think online job applications are suitably accessible for disabled people (RIDI). 

By providing an inclusive candidate journey businesses can tap into a pool of talented and diverse individuals who bring unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to the table. This diversity can lead to increased innovation and problem-solving capabilities. According to the Boston Consulting Group, there is a 19% revenue increase for companies with diverse management teams compared to their less diverse counterparts. 

Additionally, in today’s competitive job market, candidates actively seek out employers who prioritise diversity, equity, and inclusion. By demonstrating inclusive recruitment practices on your website, your organisation signals a commitment to creating an inclusive work environment.  

Finally, an inclusive recruitment journey enhances a company’s reputation and brand. A commitment to inclusivity sends a powerful message to both potential employees and customers. Companies that prioritise diversity and inclusion are more likely to be seen as ethical and forward-thinking, attracting top talent and loyal consumers who want to support organisations that share their values.  

What Role does your Website Play? 

Your website is often the first port of call for a candidate to assess whether your company is going to be right for them. It acts as a window into your company’s values, culture, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. When candidates visit your website, they are not just looking for job listings; they are also assessing whether your company is going to be the right fit for them. Inclusivity or the lack thereof can have a significant impact on their perception. A website that is not accessible or inclusive is a significant roadblock in attracting and retaining talent. It creates barriers for individuals with disabilities, potentially excluding highly skilled candidates from joining your organisation.  

So how can websites support an inclusive recruitment process? A recruitment website that adheres to accessibility standards and considers usability factors ensures that individuals with disabilities can seamlessly access job listings, submit applications, and learn about your company. By making these adjustments, your website opens doors, rather than creating barriers, for job seekers with disabilities, providing them with equal access to the opportunities your company has to offer. 

How can Recite Me Help? 

Through a suite of accessibility on-demand products Recite Me supports organisations in making their website accessible and usable for people with disabilities. From building a website in conformance with WCAG standards to making a website usable through customisable options. 

Assistive Toolbar 

The Recite Me Assistive Toolbar helps to break down application barriers by allowing users to: 

  • Customise font type, size, and spacing 
  • Adjust text and background colour contrasts 
  • Download audio files or have web copy translated into 65 different languages 
  • Utilise various on-screen tools like our built-in magnifying glass, ruler, dictionary, and thesaurus 

Accessibility Checker 

Businesses can also scan their entire website for WCAG compliance issues with the Recite Me Accessibility Checker. The Checker audits back-end and front-end web development processes by running 396 separate compliance scans in line with WCAG and breaks down the issues that need to be fixed. The Checker is fast, user-friendly, and comes complete with additional tools and features to make your journey toward online accessibility as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

To learn more about breaking down digital barriers for candidates visit www.reciteme.com.