About RIDI

The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) has one purpose: to break down the barriers faced by the millions of disabled people who are entering or progressing through the job market.

RIDI believes more needs to be done to build disability confidence into recruitment and employment strategies and campaigns actively to achieve this.

We help recruiters and employers to become disability confident and offer more job opportunities to people with disabilities.

We give recruiters and employers the tools they need to make a difference such as the Clear Kit online toolkit, which allows organisations to identify and remove the barriers in their recruitment, and the Clear Assured self-assessment framework.

Our joint initiative started in 2011 when we realised that things had to change to improve the poor job prospects for disabled people. At the time, eighty five per cent of disabled people felt that their condition was holding them back from getting a job.

And eighty per cent of recruiters agreed with them and thought their companies needed to do more to attract disabled jobseekers.

So we sat out to transform recruitment and improve job prospects for disabled people. The aim was to work with the industry, not against it, and to give recruiters and employers the information and tools they need to change things.

In 2014 we came together for the first time to celebrate progress on disability in recruitment at a spectacular RIDI Awards ceremony.

We recognised the need to celebrate the great strides being made in the industry and the RIDI Awards are now becoming a regular fixture on the recruitment industry calendar.

Throughout the yer we run a series of events to help employers and recruiters become disability confident – see our news page for details.

Paul Awcock, RIDI Board Member

Paul Awcock, RIDI Board Member

Paul Awcock, RIDI Board Member

“We at RIDI pay a small but vital part in challenging the industry and providing a platform to educate, promote and celebrate truly inclusive recruitment practices. I am proud to be on the Board”

Kate Headley, The Clear Company

Who we are

RIDI has an executive committee of eight people from within the recruitment industry who steer our strategy and programme.

Chaired by Kate Headley, Director of Consulting, The Clear Company, the executive committee develops and delivers RIDI’s strategy and organises our campaigning and programme of events. We are all volunteers who give our time to RIDI and we are a wholly non-profit initiative.

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Our executive team

Our executive team are the driving force and inspiration behind RIDI and the RIDI Awards. They are leaders and experts in their fields and give their time and expertise voluntarily.

  • Paul Deemer
  • Head of Diversity and Inclusion, NHS Employers
Melanie Forbes, Managing Director, APSCo Outsource
  • Melanie Forbes
  • Managing Director, APSCo Outsource
Photo of Ty Jones with the DWF logo
  • Ty Jones
  • Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement, DWF
Photograph of Karina Townley with Guidant Global logo
  • Karina Townley
  • Managing Director - Client Services EMEA, Guidant Global
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